Healthy Eating- Goal #1

I recently realized that I really need to reassess my eating habits. I have fallen to some pretty unhealthy routines that I would like to correct. In order to do this, I am going to set a goal for myself each week. These should be pretty simple changes, that will hopefully add up to a much healthier diet overall. For the first week, my goal is almost embarrassing:

Goal #1:

To stop eating deserts as snacks.

I mean really, if I wasn’t in a terribly unhealthy cycle, that would not be something I needed to explicitly state as a goal… Oh well. It should be pretty easy to change now that I’ve set my mind to it! And hopefully, my body will start feeling better onceĀ I stop stuffing my face with sugar more than once a day.


First Post

Welcome to Chocolate Free Me! I’m writing up this first post just so I can GET SOMETHING OUT THERE. Setting up my blog with no posts on it is a little bit confusing actually… So I just want to set a starting point I suppose. I’m Gaby, (not Gabby, my name has a long “a” sound) I am 5’6″, 135 lbs and weak as a kitten. I love food, baking, cooking and eating! I try to exercise, but going to the gym terrifies me, so I’m stuck at home with my own body weight and online videos until it finally warms up around here (it’s Spring! Why doesn’t it feel like it!?).

So, I hope you’ll stick around because I’m hoping this turns into something fun. Oh! And regarding the name of the blog, I simply don’t like chocolate. I never have, I don’t suspect I ever will. That being said, I have a mean sweet tooth, so I don’t expect you’ll be disappointed!